IMPORTED Penis Developer/Penis Pump


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Product Description


– Organ Developer Imported is a very high quality penis pump kit and it is very safe and very easy to use.
– Penis Organ Developer with round plastic rubber part for vacuum to suck(pump it out)and to enlarge the organ.
– With repeated use, rather like weight training, the organ increases its capacity for blood flow and potency is enhanced.
– On average Organ length increased by over 1 inch and girth by 0.75 inches aged from early twenties to late sixties.
– Those suffering from erection problems should insert the flaccid penis into the developer and pump until the organ is erect
– If you are seeking enlargement then pump until the size has increased 0.5 inch beyond its normal hard erection, the valve is loosened, releasing the vacuum.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Skin-safe sleeve opening
  • Removable stimulation sleeve
  • Made from Phthalate free, body safe material
  • Comes with cream

Directions to use:

Simply place the pump cup on your penis, squeeze the included hand pump, and pump your penis to the level desired. Just pull the release valve when ready to release the suction.